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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Worked Australia

Tq Brandon 43TE333 from 113ET117 or 113MB255, copy 59 and received 59 at 9.33 pm local time 25 Dec 2010.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MIke Bravo (MB) = Malaysia Boleh

Strictly Malaysian - Malaysia Boleh!

The phenomenal growth of Malaysia under the leadership of its fourth prime minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad has brought about a patriotic sense of achievement amongst its people.

The Government has led the way to show that Malaysians can excel in whatever they put their minds to, and this, in no small way, has produced a society that tries to outdo itself (sometimes at ridiculous levels, if truth be told) in the endeavors it pursues.

Embodying this spirit is the slogan "Malaysia Boleh!" which loosely translated means "Malaysia Can Do It!" How this slogan came to be the "battle cry" of a nation is rather sketchy but the general belief is that it was the slogan used by a health beverage in its marketing campaign in the 80s.

It caught on and soon cries of Malaysia Boleh! were heard, first only at sporting events like the Commonwealth Games and Thomas Cup Finals, then later everywhere else as it was embraced wholeheartedly by the people as a means to push themselves to endure and accept challenge, to set targets, to excel.

The "Malaysia Boleh!" spirit has since produced many achievers and achievements, and has been a cornerstone of the success story that is the new Malaysia.

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CB in Malaysia

In Malaysia, Citizen's Band radios became legal when Notification of Issuance Of Class Assignments by Communication and Multimedia Malaysia was gazetted on 1 April 2000. Under this class assignment, CB radio is classified as "Personal Radio Service Device". The frequency band is HF, 26.9650MHZ to 27.4050MHZ (40 Channels), power output is 4 watt for AM/FM and 12 watts PEP for SSB. Ch 9 is reserved for emergency and Ch 11 is a calling channel.

On UHF 477 MHZ, Citizen Band PRS radio devices are allowed 5 watts power output and use FM modulation, on 39 assigned channels spaced at 12.5 kHz between 477.0125 MHZ to 477.4875 MHZ. Channel 9 is reserved for emergency and Channel 11 for calling. A very short-range simplex radio communications service for recreational use is on 477.5250MHZ to 477.9875MHZ on FM mode with 38 channels and power output of 500 mW.

CB (citizen band) radio or Personal Radio Service Device under Class Assignment doesn't need an individual license to operate in Malaysia as long as follows to the rules of Warta Kerajaan Malaysia, Communication and Multimedia Act 1998[Act 588], Notification of Issuance Of Class Assignment, P.U.(B)416 Jil. 48, No. 22 (e)Personal Radio Service Device 1 November 2004. On 1 April 2010, MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) release a new Notification of issuance of Class Assignment called Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 Class Assignments No. 1 of 2010 that includes a new UHF PMR 446 MHZ, 8 Channel for Analog Personal Mobile Radio 446 MHZ (Analog PMR446), frequency from 446.0025 Mhz to 446.09375 Mhz (12.5Khz spacing) on FM mode 0.5 Watt power output and 16 Channel for Digital Personal Mobile Radio 446 Mhz (Digital PMR 446).

Frequency for Digital PMR 446 is from 446.103125 Mhz to 446.196875 Mhz on 6.25 Khz spacing on 4FSK mode and power out 0.5 Watt.One of the unofficial citizen band radio club in Malaysia is the "Malaysia Boleh Citizen Radio Group", referred to by locals as MIKE BRAVO which means Malaysia Boleh.

Reference: Wikipedia

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